29. oct 08 - 2. nov 08

A cloud of witnesses: Opportunities for ecumenical commemoration

Monastery of Bose, Italy


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Men and women who, throughout the history of the church, have set examples of Christian life have left a rich heritage to the ecumenical community. An international symposium at the monastery of Bose, Italy will explore the meaningful content which the joint remembrance of these witnesses to the faith can give to ecumenical worship.


The discussions on how to receive the gifts embedded in the history of other Christian denominations will be informed by Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal as well as other Protestant perspectives.


The list of speakers includes Dr Mary Tanner, WCC president from Europe.


A commemoration of Christian witnesses will take place on Saturday, 1 November, the day that in the tradition of Western Christianity is celebrated as Feast of All Saints.


The symposium is co-organized by the World Council of Churches Commission on Faith and Order and the monastery of Bose.


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More information on the website of the Monastery of Bose


Commission on Faith and Order