International ecumenical solidarity visit to Indonesia

17 to 24 July 2008                                                  Read more about the visit to Indonesia

Briefing on the situation in the Moluccas

Beatrice Mukhtar-Mamuzi, Sudan (right), member of the Living Letters team visiting Indonesia, with Margaretha Hendriks-Ririmasse, vice moderator of the Protestant Church in the Moluccas and vice moderator of the World Council of Churches central committee.

Christian-Muslim trust-building

Onya Ely, Maluku Interfaith Institution (centre) in conversation with Beatrice Mukhtar-Mamuzi, Sudan (left) and Monika Lude, Germany (right).

Internally displaced people

Families displaced by the 1999-2002 interreligious violence live in prefabricated houses on the outskirts of Ambon City.

Meeting victims

Wim Tutuiha, who lost part of his family during the interreligious conflict in conversation with Monika Lude and Beatrice Mukhtar-Mamuzi.

At the mosque

Members of the Living Letters team during a briefing with the Ulama Council at Fatah Mosque in Ambon.

Sunday worship

In Pniel, on the outskirts of Ambon City, the Living Letters team participated in the worship service of the Benteng Atas congregation (Protestant Church in the Moluccas).

West Papua

In Abara Injros, where the first Christian missionaries to the region landed about 100 years ago, village chief Martin Luther Druni greeted the Living Letters team.

All photos © Peter Williams/WCC
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