Together, Women are Empowered to be Fearless

In a Dalit Village. Copyright Peter Williams/WCC

Exodus: 1: 6 through 2: 10

This week's study is by Rev. Priscilla Singh.  Rev. Priscilla Singh is an ordained pastor of the Tamil Evangelical Lutheran Church, India, a teacher, gender specialist and activist who loves working with women, learning, affirming and using faith as a basis for transformative living and caring. 

This Bible Study looks at how God has moved in history through the ordinary women who saved Moses.  Each of their small act had repercussions for the future of humanity: "the emphasis is on the activity of God in using the efforts of ordinary people to accomplish God’s purpose."

She further goes on to link the way the mother of Moses and the daughter of Pharaoh overcame their fear in order to save Moses. "The only way we could overcome fear is to have the fear of God and the power of God within us that would enable us to do the right thing."  The Dalit women in India that we met through the video are also stepping out to trust and overcome fear. "And yet, it is only as we trust God, and do what we can, that we can come to understand that even when the Pharaoh seemed to have won, God’s plan was not yet finished.  What appears to be common and ordinary, or a coincidence, God may turn into something wonderful."

This Bible Study will challenge all who read it to see how their lives, though seemingly insignificant are part of God's plan for humanity.

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