Film Discussion Questions

Copyright WCC/Peter Williams
  • What was your immediate response to the film?  What scenes and words do you remember?  What feelings did it evoke for you?
  • Which of the people in the film made an impression on you and why?
  • How did you respond to the following images in the film:
    • the testimony of the husband of the woman who had been raped?
    • the woman worker facilitating the meeting with army and community leaders?
  • What do you know about the history of the Democratic Republic of Congo over the past century?
  • How might historic events have influenced the situation which exists today?  In 1998, the invasion of the DRC by Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi led to a war involving nine African nations. Why did the Western media pay so little attention to such a major conflict?
  • The Congolese soldier is firm in his belief that 'enemy soldiers' brought rape to the Congo and that rape will 'die out' as a practice now that the war is over. How would you respond to his assertions?
  • Can you think of other examples of this way of thinking from our own countries or experiences?
  • How does society in the DRC add to the victimisation and suffering of those who have been raped?
  • In what ways do our societies’ attitudes add to the suffering of those who have suffered sexual assault? 
  • What can we do to help those who have been assaulted?
  • Women in the DRC are experiencing suffering on a massive scale. How would you respond to someone who asked how God can allow such suffering?

 Bible Study Discussion Questions

  • What themes would you identify from the story?
  • Who are the main characters and what do you know about each one of them?
  • According to the Benjamite host, who was his guest? Why? (V23)
  • What kind of a host and a father was this Benjamite old man?
  • To what extent was he, as the host, willing to go so as to ensure that his guest was protected from the violent community? (V23-25)
  • What happens when costly hospitality is forced on vulnerable women as hospitality providers? (Vv25-28).
  • What title would you give to this story?
  • Do you have vulnerable women who are forced to provide costly hospitality in your communities? Who are they?
  • What are you doing about providing and protecting such women in your communities?
  • What resources do you have for such a ministry of hospitality?