Discussion Questions

Video Discussion Questions

  • The violence in Colombia has lasted over 40 years. Are there similar long standing problems in a situation closer to where you live and what can be done to alleviate such long embattled situations? What can you do within your community?
  • Will you see dance differently after this film?
  • Colombia has a huge number of internally displaced people who are forced to live in inappropriate conditions far from their real homes. In what ways does this situation adversely affect women and girls and what special support would you say they require?
  • What do you think the young people were re-enacting in their acting class? 
  • For the young people in the film the small, normal activities, like dancing and writing helped them to cope with extreme situations.  Have you ever had a situation where having a “normal” activity helped you to cope with something difficult?

Bible Study Discussion Questions

  • This psalm was written many hundreds of years ago, in a culture very different to that of present day Colombia.  How can such ancient texts still provide comfort in contemporary situations? What ancient texts from the Bible have you found most comforting in times of crisis?
  • The people in the film and the Bible study are finding ways to celebrate life in the midst of death. How does this resonate with your own experience?
  • Enrique, in the Bible Study is faced with the “right” thing to do – fight for his rights for land and the environment – versus the “safe” thing to do.  He sees God’s will as the “right” thing which will protect him through the difficulties.  Have you been in a situation where choosing to God’s will resulted in difficulties?  What were they?  How did you cope?

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