Facts about South Africa

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  • According to a 2009 study, one in four men in South Africa have admitted to rape; one in twenty say they have raped someone in the past year.
  • In May of 2006 Jacob Zuma, the current President of South Africa, and then Deputy President was acquitted of rape charges after a high profile public trial. 
  • It is estimated that every 26 seconds a woman is raped in South Africa. 
  • AIDS infections are down 17% over the past eight years.
  • Women who have experienced violence are at a higher risk of HIV infection:  women who were beaten by their partners were 48 percent more likely to be infected with HIV than those who were not.
  • In Africa, only South Africa has enacted all relevant laws to the UN Convention to Eliminate all Forms of Violence against women.
  • Only 7% of reported rapes are estimated to lead to a conviction

(Sources: The Guardian, BBC, Doctors Without Borders, Amnesty International, South African Government, feministing.com, The Washington Post)

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