WCC Living Letters Team Visit to the United States

September 14th-24th, 2007

Faces of peacemaking on our journey together towards the International Ecumenical Peace Convocation 


  •  Introduction - Hansulrich Gerber, DOV Coordinator
  • On Faithful Commitment - prepared by Deborah DeWinter
  • On People vs Power - prepared by Eddie Makue
  • On Justice - prepared by Aneeqa Maria Akhtar
  • On Amish Forgiveness - prepared by Lina S. Moukheiber
  • On Community - prepared by Corina Thompson
  • On Reconciliation - prepared by Marcelo Schneider
  • On Violence Prevention - prepared by Hansulrich Gerber
  • Annexes : Participant Biographies, Press Releases, Quotes, Recommendations, Itinerary                                                                   

Download the full report of the visit to the US (pdf, 493Kb)