Actividades en Asia - 2005

Esta lista está organizada por la Conferencia Cristiana de Asia. Ver más detalles en las páginas de enfoque del DSV.

December 2005
  • Church-related and civil society events parallel to the WTO (World Trade Organization) ministerial conference, December 11-18 in Hong Kong. Church organizations and women's ecumenical organizations are planning various activities to make their voices known and to call for just trade and an alternative world. CCA desks involved are: EGY, FMU and the DOV team.
November 2005
  • DOV Activity along with some Pre-General Assembly events of the WCC set in Tomohon, Indonesia on November 19-26. In-charge: WCC Asia Desk and DOV Team.
October 2005
  • Church of Christ in Thailand and the Myanmar Council of Churches will hold the second meeting on "Human Rights and Problems of Ethnic Minority Groups" in Mae Sot, Tak province for the Karen from Myanmar and Thailand
September 2005
  • Church of Christ in Thailand and the Myanmar Council of Churches will hold the first meeting on "Human Rights and Problems of Ethnic Minority Groups" in Mae Sai, Chiang Rai for the Lahu from Myanmar and Thailand.
  • Indigenous Women's Alternative Leadership for Transformation (IWALT) on September 12-20 in Northeast India. This is aimed at building leadership capacity of indigenous/ethnic/tribal/aboriginal/dalit women in the church, equipping them with analytical and methodological tools in bringing the issue of institutionalized violence of racism, casteism, sexism, classism and globalization to the church for faith response and action. This is part of a three-year project jointly done by CCA and WCC Programme to Combat Racism.
  • International Day of Prayer for Peace on September 21.
August 2005
  • Prayer for Peace and Unification of Korea - organized by the National Council of Churches in Korea.
  • ASIA ECUMENICAL ACADEMY 2005 - on 8-27 August in Chiang Mai, Thailand, will be on the theme "Ecumenical Formation towards Building Communities of Peace for All". Being ecumenical does not just happen automatically, especailly in the context of increasing denominationalism and cultural-ethnic-religious plurality of Asia. It has to be intentionally nurtured. In the process, AEA seeks to contribute to overcoming violence through an in-depth ecumenical formation on ecumenism and peacebuilding.
  • "The Role of Religions to Overcome Violence through Non-Violence", an interfaith consultation planned by the CCA-JID to be held in Cipayung, Indonesia on August 15-20.
July 2005
  • The CCA-JID planned consultation on the Role of Religion to Overcome Violence through Non-Violence has been postponed to August and the venue changed to Cipayung, Indonesia.
June 2005
  • 20-24 June 2005 - Theological consultation of the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, in Manila, Philippines, to clarify and articulate the church's theological position on various issues that have caused some misunderstanding, tension and rift among local congregations.
May 2005
  • 8 Asia Sunday 2005 (7th Sunday of Easter or Ascension Sunday; Lectionary Texts: Acts 1:6-14, Psalm 68:1-10, 32-35, 1 Peter 4:12-14, 5:6-11; John 17:1-11)
    <strong»> Include more stories of how Asian people in different contexts overcome violence and are building communities of peace.
April 2005
  • 10-16 April - Global Week of Action on Trade

    <strong»> Churches are encouraged to plan a service, hold children's program, share stories, prayers and songs, and take action. A worship guide is available from the Ecumenical Advocacy Alliance [ However, in view of the forthcoming Ministerial Conference on the World Trade Organization in December in Hong Kong, CCA continues to campaign for reflections on just trade and encourages churches to have a joint celebration of Human Rights and Just Trade Sunday on December 11.
  • 11-15 April - Africa-Asia Forum on "The Spirit of Bandung: Towards a Common Future" on 11-15 April in Jakarta. Organized by CCA-FMU (urban rural mission), the forum includes faith reflections on the spirit of Bandung by representatives from different faiths and from the people's movements.
  • 18-25 April - Afro-Asian People's Summit and Encounter on "The Bandung Spirit - Towards a Common Future rooted in peoples aspirations", in Bandung/Jakarta, Indonesia in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the historic Bandung Conference for Asia-Africa Solidarity. This summit is jointly planned by the government of Indonesia along with Asian and African nations to reflect on the nature and function of their solidarity in the emerging geo-political situation and age of globalisation.
March 2005
  • 31-6 April 12th CCA General Assembly [Chiang Mai, Thailand]
    <strong»> Youth Forum
    <strong»> Women's Forum
    <strong»> People's Forum
    <strong»> Forum of People with Disabilities
    <strong»> D T Niles Memorial Lectures: (a) geo-political realities; (b) biblical bases for building peace; (c) ecumenical mission; and (d) interfaith cooperation in Asia.
  • Other GA-related preparations:
    <strong»> Booklet on theme and issues -- contains an exposition on the theme and stories of overcoming violence from different perspectives -- e.g. women, youth, conflict situation, HIV/AIDS, disability, interfaith, sexual minority, etc.
    <strong»> Bible studies and liturgies
February 2005
  • Church of Christ in Thailand will hold a workshop for Ethnic Minority Church Leaders on "Durable Solution to Statelessness, Labour Migration and Land Rights" in Chiang Mai. (More information to be sent later.)
January 2005
  • Solidarity visit and meeting on post-tsunami reconstruction and rehabilitation in the affected countries (Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Malaysia) on Jan. 26-29 in Sri Lanka. The group will be led by CCA General Secretary Ahn Jae Woong and JID executive secretary Lee Hong Jung.
  • Meeting of church-based organizations on the World Trade Organization (WTO) on Jan. 28 in Hong Kong. CCA is taking a lead in engaging the churches even as civil society groups are already preparing for the forthcoming WTO gathering in Hong Kong in December.